Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Birthday, from various perspectives

27 is the cube of 3, one of only three cubic birthdays in the standard lifetime. I suppose the proper way to celebrate would be with cubes of cheese, lumps of sugar, and playing Yahtzee.

One decade ago, I was in my first semester of law school, spending endless hours designing complex diagrams of torts, contracts, and criminal law. I still hadn't managed to pass my driver's exam, so I had to bum rides to the law library. My only notion of Ohio was that it was that shield-shaped state somewhere in the middle of the country. Getting married was very low on the priority list. I hated the color burgundy.

It's great that my birthday coincides with the sales on Wheat Chex, because I love Wheat Chex and it's one breakfast I don't have to cook.

On the other hand, birthday cake is somewhat redundant this time of year. I am making birthday cupcakes so we can freeze the surplus and move on to Christmas cookies.

A decade from now, D1 will be old enough to bake my birthday cake uninstructed. And she won't keep putting her fingers in her mouth. At least not where I can see. D2 can help, too. There will likely be several more Ds by then. Hopefully we will live somewhere with room to put them.

This week we have watched, in very short stages because it's impossible to do anything any other way right now, two old favorites of mine which DOB had never seen: Cyrano de Bergerac and The Quiet Man. We watched one new favorite neither of us had seen: The Great Escape. All for free. I love the library, except for my inner anarchist who still thinks it's evil.


Devona said...

My favorite part of the Quiet Man is the part where the old woman gives John Wayne a stick and says, "Here's a nice stick to beat your lovely wife with."

Hehe, gets me every time.

Happy Birthday!

Jeremy said...

How about "It's just a quick stretch of the legs!"

the Joneses said...

Happy birthday! There's nothing very exciting about 27, really, except when your inner 17-year-old realizes with great shock how grown-up you are. Which mine always does.

-- SJ

The Duke said...

Yours always does? How often have you been 27? I thought 29 was what people got stuck at...

Rose said...

Many happy returns of the day, and twice on Thursdays! The Roaring Twenties aren't really all that old after all, are they? =)

The line Michael always quotes is: 'A man'd have to be a sprinter to catch his wife in a bed like that!'

the Joneses said...

Well, I'm not 29 yet, so I can't very well be stuck at it, can I?

-- SJ