Monday, February 23, 2004

All right, time to post random thoughts that have been lurking about. Maybe I should resolve to post one thing during breakfast every weekday. (Saturday breakfast is for leisurely conversation; Sunday breakfast is for getting food down ASAP without dumping it on church clothes.)

Finally went shopping for maternity clothes on Friday. Not as painful as I thought--found several things that might look kind of good even when I do look like I did with that "three-month pillow" on. Ugh. And did not spend too much.

I was exhibiting my purchases to DOB and he admired a denim jumper I had selected. "Wow, you even found some second-hand stuff," he said in the tone of one commending a frugal wife. Alas, I had to explain that people deliberately try to make new denim look old in these decadent times. I did get it on clearance, though.

Why should it even be an issue, when people are selecting their "favorites" with actors whether they attractive or not? It seems rather like selecting one's auto mechanic or doctor for that reason. Shouldn't the issue be whether they can act? Sure it may be nicer to look at a pretty actor than an ugly one, but it's nicer to look at a good-looking auto mechanic, too. (For the record, the only mechanics I've ever dealt with have been family members or old.) That's one advantage of the stage--it requires acting to a much greater degree than film, so you get to watch people selected based on their ability to act.

Random Cool Chesterton Quote
And I dream of the days when work was scrappy,
And rare in our pockets the mark of mint,
When we were angry and poor and happy,
And proud of seeing our name in print.

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