Monday, September 22, 2003

Random housekeeping observations

I saw DOB off to work for the first time today. (Thus far he's either worked in the home office or I've gone with him.) I couldn't quite shake the feeling of being either a little kid playing house or of acting in a 50's movie (the latter enhanced by his handsome black fedora, "Stewart.")

After the arrival of 26 boxes of wedding gifts and a reception on Saturday, the house is worse than ever, but hopefully this is the high-water mark. I will go break boxes down shortly.

The one advantage to a small house is that I have to do the dishes and keep the cleared areas neat, or I cannot eat or sleep. The disadvantage is that I cannot move anywhere without tripping over boxes.

The dryer is sounding again.

Things I have plenty of:
Elegant glass serving dishes
Wall decor
Bath towels
Kitchen towels
Small appliances

Things I could sure use more of:
Counter space
Cabinet space
Floor space
Wall space
Space space

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