Friday, September 26, 2003

I wrote a thoughtful and profound post on same-sex marriage on Tuesday, IE locked up, and it is now gone forever, and I haven't had a chance to write it again. If I still have any thoughts on the subject after life and health insurance class next week, I may rewrite them (in Word) and paste them over.

Certified copy of marriage certificate has arrived! Now I can get Ohio licenses and ID in my new name and all that cool stuff. Only it would have been a lot handier if it had come yesterday.

Went on first grand shopping expedition alone yesterday. Got an elusive green garbage can and expandable silverware tray. And a lot of groceries to sustain us through life and health class. Including a frozen turkey, which I put in the sink in hot water and turned it on and left it running and forgot all about it as I went outside for another load, greeted DOB when he arrived home, etc. Came back in and found water running all over the floor, into the remaining boxes we haven't unpacked yet. DOB was very nice about helping clean up the mess, but I can't believe I still do things that stupid. Oh well, if I didn't I might not have anything to write about.

YR convention on far side of the state this weekend, followed by life and health class all week, so this blog is dormant almost as soon as it begins.

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