Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hygiene, Fluids, and Why I Don't Care That Much for Veggietales

Some day, we will have had all the stomach viruses there are. Except maybe dysentery, I'm hoping we can skip that.

Another possibility is that we will someday convince the children that licking their hands in public places is not a good idea. But they are like the Bulgy Bears in Prince Caspian and all our prayers and tears and threats cannot seem to keep them from absent-mindedly stuffing them in. 

Anyway, this was the second round this year, though thankfully this one did not affect grownups nearly so severely. I think I had it last week, but mostly I just felt tired and icky for several days. Duchess threw up once, spent the next day moping about and sipping clear fluids, and demanded to start school last Monday.

The rest of the kids waited until this weekend. Dash got it first and worst. By the time we got to Monday morning, he had kept nothing down for four days and was barely opening his eyes. I had tried the full round of hydration tricks to no avail. I took him in to the doctor, who put him on an IV for a couple of hours. That got him coherent enough to comment on the numbers at the pharmacy windows, but not enough to stand on his own two feet. He spent another two days inert on the couch. I figured he was better this morning when he started yelling for more breakfast to be brought. He hadn't spoken above a whimper since Saturday. When he started telling knock-knock jokes, I knew for sure. Dot and Deux were never in danger, but they were still very out of it for a few days.

The funny thing is, thanks to the three messiest children being unable to get up, the house stayed tidier than ever throughout the course of the sickness. They're out busy messing it up right now. But it was good while it lasted.

Yesterday I finally gave in and permitted them to watch some Veggietales to pass the time. We have some Veggietales from pre-children days. We have not, up until now, really allowed them to watch them. But they were handy and it kept everybody from hollering while I took the garbages out and scrubbed the bathroom.

My misgivings about them were confirmed when Dot chirpily said to me at supper, "Did you know God is happy when we share?" In other words, the message is (a) we learn about God so that we can know how to behave properly and (b) our good behavior makes us acceptable to God. Not to mention the whole talking down to children, as if all they can handle is sanitized moralizing in the simplest terms. (This is, after all, a child who carried on a prolonged conversation with me about whether God could be real or not if we couldn't see Him. She can handle richer fare than "God wants us to share.")

I do like the humor in Veggietales. But the only part I really find suitable for impressionable children is Silly Songs with Larry: "If you go a little loopy better keep your nurse well-paid." Now there's an important moral.


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm glad to hear you are over it. I don't envy the whole IV thing.

We had the gut bug thing last year, although not to the level of medical intervention. Fortunately or not, I always seem to get everything the worst. (My wife has far stronger genes, and so far the children take after their mother.) I seemed to get one bug after another for a few months in a row. I thought that being sick *all the time* as a kid would give me immunity, but apparently not.

I laughed at the clean house thing. Too bad the messiest of my kids seem to be the most resistant to illness...
Maybe when they move out I will see the floors again for more than five minutes at a time.

Carrie said...

I'm kinda glad to know that we aren't the only ones constantly after our children not to stick their hands in their mouth.

And I don't care for Veggie Tales either, really. Except the reason I don't like it is primarily the fact that my oldest takes everything literally. When we watched Josh and the Big Wall (years ago) Joshua asked me if they really threw milkshakes down at the Israelites. That ended our exposure to Veggie Tales. Promptly and surely. I let them watch Madam Blueberry when they were sick last year and both boys laughed hysterically. So I've decided to be ok with the ones that aren't about Bible stories and are just, as they say, "good, clean fun." I think they've only seen two of the shows.

A clean house is definitely something for the future but not for the present. :D

Glad y'all are doing better!

Litterairy said...

Hm. Yeah. Number one on my list of things I thought I'd never have to say to one of my kids: "Stop licking the BART stop." I still don't know how we avoided dysentery on that one.
As for VeggieTales, the kids aren't repeatedly interested. I think they've seen Jonah twice, Pirates once and only Silly Songs over and over and even then, I doubt they've watched it in the last 18 months. They prefer Shawn the Sheep.
We also have the deep-conversationalist. "Mommy, why don't people believe in God?"

Phyllis said...

You just got my slow mind moving. I've wondered why on earth we have so many stomach bugs at this stage in life. Why would we have SO much more trouble with this in the second half of our parenting experience than in the first? Is it just because we have more children now? No, it's because we have more finger/thumb suckers! Our first didn't suck anything; #2-4 are addicted to their fingers or thumb.

Sorry. Like I said, I'm slow, but I'm just excited to have figured this out. Now, how to fight it...?

Kendra Fletcher said...

We haven't been Veggie Tales fans for our kiddos. Recently I heard Phil Vischer (VT creator) interviewed on Family Life Today, and it turns out that he's not a big fan of it, either (!). He regrets the message of many of the videos.

Now, though, after God grabbed a hold of him in a crisis of faith, he is producing a really wonderful series called What's in the Bible. You can take a look at the clips here:

He spoke in the interview of the folly of just entertaining kids and telling them God loves them. He is on a mission to get kids to know the Bible. It's good stuff!

Love your blog! I haven't spent a ton of time reading here, but I know what I'll have open on my browser today :)