Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead

We have recently been experiencing that special form of family bonding known as the stomach flu. (Which, of course, is incorrect, as it has nothing to do with influenza.) For once, everyone got it at once, except for Deux, who had an initial bout the previous weekend, and me, who either had a very minor case early on or who still has it hanging over my head. Everyone came down with it in the middle of the night, though, which I thought was an unnecessary touch.

Lucky us we had the Ma and Pa Kettle collection in from the library. These movies are theoretically set a short distance from here and we have been to the general area. However, the actual sets look suspiciously like California rather than the Olympic Peninsula. (Hint: There'd be a lot more and bigger trees. And it would be raining.) They're pretty corny, but a good choice for the circumstances.

I caught the bad cold Dot already had, just to round things out with lack of sleep. Adding that to nonstop laundry and dishwashing, and matters got so desperate for a couple days that I broke down and bought Plants vs. Zombies. This kept everyone occupied (not always quiet) watching me while they recuperated without straining my throat. Any resemblance to how I looked or felt after the experience is purely coincidental.

Today I'm using it to bribe our way through the mountain of accumulated chores. Deux is designing his own live-action Lego version, but he and Duchess keep getting into arguments over the rules. DOB is back to facing the backlog of work, without his paralegal, who got married on Saturday.

I need to go fold the laundry so we can fight some more zombies.


the Joneses said...

Much sympathy for the stomach bug. And cold. And the fact that it hit a house with four small children. Ugh.

On a brighter note, we've been Plants vs Zombies fans for quite a long time. Darren's considered the top-of-the-line player here. Definitely a worthwhile purchase to get you through the ughy days.

-- SJ

Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm pretty sure they filmed these at the Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth. (Between the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley.)
This was less expensive than shooting at Frazier Mountain (aka Walton Mountain), but the trees are indeed far smaller.