Friday, February 10, 2012

The Forest Glades We Wander

A few weeks ago the pastor asked the children during the children's sermon: "Have you guys ever been fishing?"

The ducklings shook their heads no as the other children told of their favorite catches.


Again, no from the ducklings.

"Duchy children--you don't fish--you don't camp--what do you do?"

"We survive!" I interrupted.

Also, what we do is hike. And the way we hike the fact that we do survive is an accomplishment. Usually we go out in doubtful weather to a park with no maps and poorly-marked trails and hope we'll find our way back. So far we always have. So far no one has suffered a major injury on the trail. Sometimes we've had a fair amount of screaming before we return, but usually if DOB is along he has everyone engrossed in a tale of adventure that leads us onwards.

One of the local parks has a large area of the woods apparently devoted to pellet-gun wars, and some strapping fellows with a lot of time on their hands have engaged in the constructive activity of building acres and acres of fortresses and barricades out of fallen logs. This is naturally a favorite spot, although DOB has, for all but the first thirty seconds, regretted pointing out to the ducklings that they could collect the discarded plastic pellets.

On Thursday I took them to the really scary park--the one with bear warnings and trails that don't match the map--and, although we never quite knew where we were, we did not get lost and nobody screamed and nobody fell in a puddle. And we found some really cool bridges.


Steve said...


Diary of an Autodidact said...

Nice! If you ever find yourself in Central CA, I promise to find a great adventure for the Jr. Burgundy Carrots.

Rachelle said...

My dad always told us he'd camped enough for a lifetime in the Army. I came to firmly equate camping to sacrificing for one's country, something I'll do if we are being attacked but don't intend to do otherwise. My brother lodged a protest one summer and spent three months sleeping under the dining room table.

Hiking is lovely. We barely manage that. When no stroller is needed, we will.