Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ideals and Reality

Dot: So Laura and Mary had baked Hubbard squash for supper and it was SOOO delicious. I wish WE could have baked Hubbard squash for supper.

QOC: You didn't eat very much squash when I served it last night.

Dot: I didn't eat ANY squash. I don't like squash.


mamatigerj said...

My children have also done things like that to me. {sigh}

Darren said...

That's great!

I love butternut squash, but Hubbard, not so much.

Wendy said...

In which I am reminded that I ought to do something about the giant blue hubbard squash lurking in the corner of my kitchen.

Someone dropped a scarf on it, and I've been pretending it's a really short, warty, bluish-green snowman without a face.

Hmmmm. Really there's only one way I enjoy squash - pie!