Tuesday, March 08, 2011

'Tis Done

I am a lawyer.

Despite being admitted to the practice of law somewhere for over a decade now, this is the first time I've really tried to be a *lawyer*. Yes, I went to law school. Yes, I passed all those bar exams. Yes, I convinced the board of governors of my own state that their rules gave me permission to apply when they thought otherwise.

But actually practicing? Well, for many reasons, it's never happened. Until now.

And even so, I don't really feel like I'm practicing law. Mostly I sit at home and read and look up and write things; they just happen to be about law. I get interrupted by requests for snacks and toilet paper. I've only worn my suit three times.

Still, it counts. And it feels good. I like being a lawyer for real this time. I like learning from people who have been doing it for longer than I've been talking in sentences. I like that I can do this work and still have the time and presence to take care of my primary job. I'm grateful that I have the ability to do work I enjoy that makes enough to help out.

It's been a long and sometimes overwhelming path to get here. I've had to come to terms with the possibility that nowhere is it written that a good mother must do it all herself. I've had to admit to myself that this is something I actually want. And I've wanted to give it all up many times when it just seemed too big and scary.

Many thanks to DOB for helping me to be more myself. Many thanks to family for providing support and babysitting. Many thanks to the ducklings for being happy and helpful and flexible. Many thanks to two attorneys for taking a chance on training someone who'd never really done this. Many thanks to God for giving me the courage to try.

I'll try to do a good job.


awedmanor said...

Bravo! Big-time congratulations.

And if I ever need a lawyer (or two), I know who to approach.

Eastern Grampa said...

Congratualtions. It is great that your are now recognized as a lawyer. I know you will do a fantastic job. You will be appreciated by those who will rely on you for legal advise or assistance.

However, I have seen you practicing law (and practicing it quite well) ever since D2 came on the scene.

You and DOB are very good at whatever you put your hands to. But both of you have been totally awesome in your care of the ducklings.

Darren said...

Congratulations! This is fantastic news.

Carrie said...


Mary said...

So proud of you!

Rachelle said...

Congratulations! May you find, as I have, that the pleasure of doing something you love that is yours alone will bring renewed passion and energy to loving the people around you.

Aaron Klein said...


Amy K said...

That's great Karen!

Also, thanks for the travel tips. I tried bringing "sets" of stuff for the baby and I think it helped on the drive down!