Tuesday, February 22, 2011

D2 Quantifies His Hunger

D2: "I am hungrier than 100 wolves!"

QOC: "What about 101 wolves?"

D2: "I am as hungry as 101 wolves."

DOB: "What about 102 wolves?"

D2: "They would be hungrier than me."

(I'm thinking if the meal had been potato soup instead of spaghetti he would only have been as hungry as, say, three wolves.)


Carrie said...

;D ha! That's cute.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder exactly how he quantified the hunger of a wolf, and applied it to himself (multiplied 101 times, of course).

Or did he do it the other way, and divide his hunger by wolves?

We'll probably never know. A direct question might lead to a discussion on polar bears, on the efficiency of fire trucks, or straight to the dinner table. But probably not to a verifiable answer.