Thursday, September 02, 2010


D4: My neck hurts!

QOC: That's because you have a cold.

D4: Take the cold* off me!

QOC: No, you're sick. Your nose is running, your neck hurts. You are sick.

D4: I'm not six, I'm twelve!

QOC: No, sick is not the same word as six.

D4: Oh. I'm sick.

QOC: Right.

D4: My nose is running. My neck hurts. I am sick. I need a book!

*This is what he calls the ice cubes he gets on him when he bangs his head.


Darren said...

His final line is about what I feel when I have a cold :)

Anonymous said...

Shades of Morris in that conversation.

Anonymous said...

So bibliophilism is hereditary!

Queen of Carrots said...

Yes, I did think of Morris. And now I am remembering that D1 and D2 have not experienced the joys of Morris for themselves. Off to the library website, then . . .