Friday, July 30, 2010


I find another week has nearly gone by and I have not posted on the blog. Maybe someday I'll make a bloggish resolution. Or maybe not.

Summer keeps thinking about showing up, but it usually takes it until afternoon to commit. So our mornings are cloudy and gray and I have a hard time shooing everyone outside. Then, in the afternoon, they're asleep. (Well, the twins, anyway.) However, I'll take it any day over a midwestern summer.

Toolboy and his wife just welcomed their first, a little girl, reputedly of a weight truly worthy of our family. Having had children makes me far more appreciative of the advantages of being an aunt. Specifically, that giving birth is not involved and diaper duty is relatively rare.

We went to the dentist this week. The hygienist who worked on D1 was the one who has been there as long as I can remember. Her mere presence makes me feel uncomfortable about my flossing habits, but other than that she's a very nice lady. Anyway, she pulled out my file and showed D1 the picture of me taken when I was six. The hygienist who worked on D2 was also great, and after a thorough introduction to the equipment he was the most cooperative little boy in the history of modern dentistry.

I didn't do so well--I have two and a half cavities. There are so many more interesting things in the world to spend money on than fillings.

I made the mistake of having the dental appointment the day after our usual library and park day outing. I'm still recovering. The decision not to try to do Vacation Bible School anywhere this year was the right one. Someday I hope we have enough energy to have a life again.


awedmanor said...

Half a filling is like half a drop of water - just as good as the real thing, even if it's not as big.

Bravo for conserving your energy, and congrats on helping D2 have a good time at the dentist.

And for energy I recommend chocolate. Lots of it, followed by a nap, more chocolate, then a good night's sleep. THEN you can call your family back from their visit to another state.

Bettie said...

Seriously, flossing daily will reduce the cavity count. I did it!

Queen of Carrots said...

Yeah, the trouble is, I've been flossing daily for the last three years. And this is only the second set of cavities I've ever had. Perhaps prior years are finally catching up with me.