Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nearly There (We Hope)

Posting may be spotty for a bit as we transition computers and set the house up to look like it is inhabited by lemon-eating monks. Of course, posting has been spotty already, so you probably won't notice.

We started out with considerable enthusiasm and little skill, and we are ending with a lot less enthusiasm and only slightly more skill. We may live in an apartment the rest of our lives.

The trouble with large families that no one mentions is specialization. When you have many different people with many different aptitudes under one roof, jobs naturally tend to gravitate to those most able. Since both DOB and I were apparently off reading when the handyman genes were handed out, our current family is devoid of both gifts and training in these areas. (We watch anxiously for possible developments in the twins; the two oldest are probably already a lost cause.) Actually DOB says that he knows what to do, the stuff just refuses to cooperate, whereas I am relatively physically adept but have no clue what I am doing.

I thought that caulking the tub would be easy--it's just like icing a cake, right? Except the tube is a lot bigger and requires more hand strength. And--this is very important--you can't eat your mistakes. You have to scrape them up and start over.

So we scrub and paint and drop into bed long past our bedtime, since the only time we can do most work is when the babies are already in bed. Our first showing is tomorrow at 2. The attorney assures us the title will be straightened out in time. Life moves on. Pretty fast, sometimes.


Melissa said...

I hope you're getting good sleep when you fall into bed! :)

It's funny how we're going through similar experiences...except you're moving out and we're moving in! :)

Rachelle said...

I'm with you. And moving/repairing/cleaning makes me feel so completely inept. Handiness doesn't run in the family. I'm still learning to get the car seats in the car properly. I pray for a quick transition. And a handy child or two.

Aimee said...

not eating your mistakes...very funny. Hope your work pays off and the showings are short and sweet and that someone thinks your place is perfect for them!

Juliana said...

Wish I could be there to help! Since we're in the middle of a move ourselves, I sympathize!

Wendy said...

Having babies has always been the big issue with house projects! God bless you! We'll keep praying for you!