Friday, January 09, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday: The Interview Edition

It is Seven Quick Takes Friday over at Conversion Diary. It is also the twins' six month birthday, at which time it is our custom to interview the children for the first and last time. (After this age, we might not like their answers).

So in the interests of blogging efficiency, we combine the two with Seven Quick Questions for the Babies.

1. What do you each think of the world, as a whole, now that you've been here so long?

D3: The world is full of fascinating things to watch.
D4: The world is full of fascinating things to grab and drool on.

2. What's the most exciting thing you might see in the course of a day?

D3: Papa! Hey, over here! See my special Papa grin!
D4: D2 left his toys behind. Woo-hoo!

3. How do you get along with your twin sibling?

D3: He's fun to watch.
D4: She's great to chew on.

4. How do you get along with your older siblings?

D3: They play games and talk to me.
D4: They leave toys lying around. I like that.

5. Solid foods: Yea or Nay?

D3: Umm, OK I guess. If I must.
D4: Really? Was this necessary? What was wrong with milk? I like milk. I can drink milk all night long!

6. Any particular skills you're especially proud of?

D3: I can cross my fingers. This will come in handy once I figure out how to talk.
D4: I can pull toys out of toy bins up on shelves.

7. What worries you these days?

D3: I overheard Mama talking about us getting itchy red spots soon and I'm worried about its effect on my flawless complexion.
D4: Forward movement. I can go sideways. I can go backwards. Why not forwards?

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