Friday, December 19, 2008

Seven Quick Takes Friday

You'll notice that I always spell out the first number, even though nobody else does. This is because the Grammar Commando won't let me use a numeral to begin a sentence, or even a phrase. The Grammar Commando is strict that way.

I'm not one to bash on insurance companies too much, but last week I got an envelope from them with a special message on living with Type 2 diabetes. Interesting, because I don't have Type 2 diabetes, or Type 1 diabetes, or Gestational Diabetes, or Leprosy. I think this, along with the Creepy Nurse who called up every month while I was pregnant, is part of their general wellness programs, and I really think they could spend less money on that and more money paying off claims.

Wondergirl arrives this afternoon. It should have been this morning, but the flight from Cleveland was canceled.

That means I have more time to clean the bathrooms and sweep the floor. Which I clearly am not doing right now. I'm waiting for the babies to go down for their nap. Yes.

They got six inches of snow in Washington last night, and ours all melted this morning. Quite unfair.

Have you tried Pandora? You really must. Forget that favorite Christmas CD business, you can just sign up to listen to all of your favorite style of Christmas music all day long. (HT to the Deputy Headmistress, I think.) I wonder what it would give me if I told it to design a radio station based on Pigorian Chant?

The older ducklings have wormed the full tale of Santa Claus out of us now and spent all morning yesterday playing elves, packing up gifts to distribute. Except they pronounce it "Elles." Why is it that every creative thing they think of to play involves dragging out all the toys they can find and mixing them together? Why do they never decide to play Impoverished Children With No Toys?

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Melissa said...

Have a great visit with your sister there!

the Joneses said...

Yes, I don't get WHY the only games that kids think of themselves involve huge messes. A&S like to drag all blankets and pillows into the living room. Yes, of course they'll put them all back up! Only there are always remnants that I'm stuck with.

I didn't get a Creepy Nurse, but I did get a persistent lactation consultant who insisted that I needed to prop my arm on a pillow. It was my second baby, and I never used a pillow. I told her so, but she kept stuffing the pillow under my arm until I finally gave in to keep her quiet.

-- SJ

P.S. Word Verification is "keresse," which sounds like a kreative new name!

Rachelle said...

We get a letter from the state whenever they feel we should take our children in for another round of vaccinations. And they give us good parenting tips that remind us not to spank, etc.... Talk about CREEPY.

Our insurance company sent a letter offering all these nice free things when Kyri was born if I would sign the release and allow access to our insurance information so that we could be contacted by a wellness specialist from time to time. I sent it back with "No, I don't think so."

I try not to be a freaked-out "they're watching" homeschooling mother, but really now. Talk about invasion of privacy.

Yay for Wondergirl! It will be a Merry Christmas.

Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your quick takes! Don't be too envious of snow melting. ;) I wish ours would. We got ice followed by snow which makes driving very, very tricky. It probably won't melt for awhile because the forecast doesn't predict above freezing temps for awhile (we're in Nebraska).


Sherry said...

I hated the Creepy Phone Nurse thing with my last baby (seven years ago). I always wanted to be rude and say "None of your business." Instead, I was just short and non-communicative. And then I felt guilty because she was just doing her job.

Anne Marie said...

Thanks for the Pandora tip. That is super cool. I'm listening right now to classic Christmas music, my fav for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

As a music person, I (of course) knew about pandora.

but, er, never thought of using it for Crimbo music.

It is really valuable for plugging in your five favorite shrieky goth chick artists and seeing who Pandora finds to supplement the selection.

I've found some good undiscovered metal that way.