Friday, November 14, 2008

7 Quick Takes

I have now had a poison ivy rash somewhere on me for a full month. I'm trying to figure out where the new breakouts are coming from. Shoelaces seemed a possibility, but do I ever touch the inside of my elbow with my shoelaces? (Maybe fingers to elbow, then washing hands?) Perhaps DOB is right and I just have a new horrible skin disease.


If you're not already addicted to the Year of Crockpotting blog, you really should check it out. Especially the yogurt recipe. I have always wanted to make my own yogurt and it is so. easy. I tried adding a cup of powdered milk this time, and it came out nice and thick.


D2 on the swing: Push me higher! So I can be God!

QOC: What did you say?

D2: Um . . . push me higher so I can pretend to be God!


I avoid controversial topics on my blog these days, not because I don't love an argument, but because I love them all too well and the last thing I need is a reason to lie awake at night thinking of brilliant rebuttals. Now I need to learn to avoid those discussions in forums, too. Because when you spend all day explaining basic safety and hygiene to preschoolers, it's just too much extra stress to try to explain basic human rights to someone who thinks the government should license parents. I suspect to some people "reproductive freedom" means only the freedom not to reproduce.


Check out our cool puppets we made in our new basement project space!


D4 can roll onto his stomach pretty easily now. He still has trouble remembering how to roll back, though, and then he gets annoyed. D3 puts her fingers in her mouth and looks at him as if to say: "Why not stay on your back if you like it better? Then you're better situated to attract the attention of all passers-by." Despite the extra movement and never seeming to stop long enough to eat, D4 has almost made up the weight gap.


It's hard to come up with seven things. Actually it's hard to come up with any specified number. If it had been three, I would have been stuck at two.

But I was trying, because of this 7 Quick Takes linky at Conversion Diary. We'll call this number seven.


Carrie said...

LOL on the swingset conversation. I think I might actually PAY to be around your kids for one day of conversation highlights. Hmm...a new way to profit. Joshua doesn't say things like this. Of course, mostly he's just trying to make sure we're doing what it is that he wants us to be doing and this doesn't involve imagination so much as clear and direct speech/ideas.

GREAT online resource for crock pot recipes. Thinking, thinking, thinking . . .

the Joneses said...

I need crockpot ideas! As soon as I finish being a Responsible Person and actually work on stuff I need to finish, I'll go and pretend that I'm a Plan Ahead Organized person who remembers to throw in crockpot meals in the mornings.

Your kids are so funny.

And yes, wasn't it hard coming up with a certain number? I mean, my Mundanias can run to eight or nine paragraphs, but give me a number and I freeze up. Also miscount.

-- SJ

P.S. Word verification is "kohost." It sounds like a kid news anchor.

Jennifer F. said...

Oh, no, I hadn't heard of that Crockpotting blog. It sounds dangerously addictive! :)

Anyway, great list, and thank you for participating!

Queen of Carrots said...

Carrie~Give Joshua another year. D2 was very matter-of-fact last year. When they start trying to make sense of the parts of the world that aren't right in front of their noses, the fun begins.

Joanna said...

Just surfing by via Meredith's blog...
I had poison ivy on the inside of my knees rather than my elbows at the end of July... and it kind of cleared up...then stayed... and stayed... and I couldn't imagine how it could still be itchy three months later. I washed everything changed sheets, did everything I could. Finally I stopped putting the poison-ivy-gel on it & put cortizone cream on it & it cleared up very quickly this week. Finally. So you might want to try that?