Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just what I need

Another blog! And a big new project! I can't help myself. I like big new projects. And new blogs.

Anyway, the time seems to have come to start taking seriously the prospect of growing food in our backyard. It saves money. It's educational. It gives us all something to do outside. It's fun. My Garden Grows will document our garden plans, problems, and produce, along with efforts to identify the plants in our backyard, book reviews of garden-related books, and whatever else seems to fit.

By the way, I'm getting addicted to Wordpress as a blog host. Who knew you could do all that stuff so easily? I hate changing addresses, though. Sigh.


Carrie said...

I LIKE WORDPRESS BETTER ALSO! It's so much easier. But for changing addresses...

Off to check out the latest blog I can stalk and read obsessively (even though I hate gardening in any form or fashion).

Steve said...

"stalk" - gardening - funny!