Saturday, May 31, 2008


I want to have some profound and witty things to say here, but the usually relentless flood of profundity and wit flowing from my brain (at least I THINK that's how it was) has trickled down to two thoughts:
Ow. Ow. Ow.

I am so tired, and I have done nothing all day.
Now, I know the latter one is not entirely true. Growing babies is not nothing. The trouble is, at this stage it is completely indistinguishable from doing nothing. Eat, sleep, trip down the hall, repeat. (Interrupt to settle squabble, change overdue diaper, and scrounge another meal.)

The degree of boredom in a job does not necessarily indicate its importance. Not unlike pregnancy, many very important jobs are 95% boredom and 5% terror. That does not diminish the boringness of the boredom. If only my brain didn't go on vacation with my body, I could be writing the Great American Novel between checking my feet for signs of swelling (not so far, but they look like they're thinking about it). But (as is evident), I can't even come up with material for a coherent blog post.

As the danger of pre-term labor begins to fade, one naturally progresses to the next concern of pregnancy: These babies are never going to come out. It does not matter that over 6 billion people are walking around the planet as proof that babies do eventually come out, every 8-months pregnant woman firmly believes that hers will prove the exception.

I've been reading a science fiction series in which technology is available--but not always used--to incubate babies in artificial replica wombs. The idea gets more appealing all the time. But can you imagine the societal consequences? It would put all other mommy wars to shame.


Steve said...

I'm sure that in the fullness of time, events will happen that will change the outlook. Not fullness of belly.

But not going bowling today was probably a very good idea, for multiple reasons.

Fe said...


I first read Lois' books before I had children, and the idea of the uterine replicator was _terribly_ appealing:-)

Since I've had children (and have had good labours—I'm sure that's an important factor:-) ), I'm _much_ less keen on the idea...

darren said...

Long live Miles! Another Bujold book is next on my reading list.

Kevin & Amy said...

I can only imagine how ready you are to get those babies out, but you look great Karen! And that's fantastic you've been able to go this long with twins as, like you say, pre-term labor is a threat. You will be in our prayers ... can't wait to see the twins when they arrive. Hopefully sooner than later. :)