Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pictures

This looks like a picture from a nursery school with a ridiculously high dress code for teachers, but actually it's us enjoying the booty from our egg and carrot hunt. They had sidewalk chalk inside them this year, but as it was too cold to go outside, we tested them on black paper. Chalk is certainly a low-sugar surprise, but a messy one.

Also, if you don't often check the other blog, you really should pop over and see what we did with the dyes from our Easter eggs. D1 and I had way too much fun.

Below is our resurrection scene, constructed on Friday afternoon during naptime from mud out of the backyard and fabric scraps tied on clothespins. A soldier stood guard over the closed tomb on Friday and Saturday; although D1 certainly did catch some of the excitement over Jesus being alive, she was also very concerned about where the soldier had gone on Easter morning.


Carrie said...

Hey! Where'd you find those carrots?

And I have a carrot gift for you which will be delivered to you by mail or in person. At the rate life is going - in person. But we'll see.

Queen of Carrots said...

I don't know where my stepmother found them~it was last year. People always find strange carrot things for me.

As for delivering gifts in person, I'm all for that. Which is why that's when you're getting everything I need to give *you*. :-)