Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Useful Information

At least in the unlikely event that you made a New Year's Resolution to learn useless but intriguing math trivia:

There are, of course, prime numbers. There are also perfect numbers, and even semiperfect numbers. Some numbers are happy; the rest, of course, are unhappy. Some are lucky, but most are not. Some are happy-go-lucky numbers. A few are even weird.

The age I turn next is happy and perfect, the only such combination in the standard human lifetime. It's not weird though, not by a long shot. Nor is it lucky.

DOB and I were married in a happy year, but we were both born in unhappy years.

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Wow. That's interesting stuff!

I wish I had time to play with some of the numbers in my life and find out if I'm friendly, lucky or just plain weird!

Happy New Year you 4!