Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fantasy Jobs

A dream job is the job you might hope to have someday. A fantasy job is a job you have no expectation of achieving, and indeed might not actually posess any talent for, or even want--given the tradeoffs--to have it. But in the abstract, it sounds like fun. Some of my fantasy jobs:
  • Waiter or, better yet, maitre'd at a five-star restaurant. (Elegant surroundings, great food, and you get paid for it! Plus, you can get away with acting snooty.)
  • Bit part movie actor or chorus member in light opera/musicals. (Being a star would be too much trouble. But acting is fun.)
  • Display designer at an upscale department store. (I love changing decor.)
  • Designer of ad campaigns. (Really weird ones. Actually, this may not count because at my old job I occasionally helped design ads, including one starring DOB as a nerd.)
  • Bed and breakfast owner. (In real life I would hate all the work. But the abstract concept is charming.)
  • Teacher at an avant-garde school with complete freedom to choose my curriculum and methods. (Oh wait, that doesn't go on this list.)

So, what are your fantasy jobs?


Carrie said...

District Attorney. Except - oh wait. That would require me completing law school and giving my life away to an office...which in the end I wouldn't care much about.

Devona said...

I'd be a PhD in Medieval Studies. Then I'd teach at an awesome liberal arts college and tour the country autographing my thesis on pre-reformational foreshadowing in secular medieval literature.

Maybe after all the kids move out. ;)

Anselm's Apprentice said...

My real job is so good it's hard to dream up anything better, and my dreams are actually pretty possible, too. I guess my fantasy job would be "Philosopher King," if I could get a Nobel Prize thrown in.

the Joneses said...

"Philosopher King" sounds like some sort of grown-up version of Calvin's "Dictator For Life."

Darren and I occasionally have this conversation. My jobs generally involve behind-the-scenes work so I can see how things really get put together. A magazine, for instance,especially the ad department. Which is pretty mundane, when you look at it in print. I guess I'll throw in "lion-tamer" just to ratchet up the excitement.

-- SJ

Jeremy said...

Micro Biologist. It would be so fun to study the new discoveries about cellular machines from a creationists viewpoint. A viewpoint that would actually allow discovery!

the Joneses said...

Professional student (as long as I don't have to pay the tuition).

Teacher at a Ctian high school, especially history, with a focus on Church history.

Like Scott, my job here is pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Space astronaut. Test pilot for jet airplanes.

And in the more realistic realm: Orphanage worker. Wife. Mother.


The Duke said...

Fantasy dream jobs that I could never actually do:

• Private Detective.
• International Spy.
• NFL Quarterback.

Fantasy dream jobs that I could, in fact, do, and I think I could do them well:

• Direct/produce movies.
• Perform as a lead or major supporting role.
• And like most people on here, my current profession: a financial professional.