Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Of all the things I've lost

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to make popsicles for dessert out of some nectarines. This activity required the blender, so I started to assemble it. Everything was right there except the gasket to seal it. I checked the dishwasher and the sink and the drainer. No gasket. The strange thing was, I had this odd feeling as if I had just unloaded it and put it somewhere a little different but not too out of place. I searched the likely drawers and cupboards. Still no luck. At last I gave up on popsicles and revised my dessert plans.

Later in the afternoon--much later, as D1 and I overslept our afternoon nap by quite a bit--I started tackling the rest of supper. DOB was on his way home, and his sister was coming over for a birthday and farewell supper (she leaves for Taiwan tomorrow). I realized that I needed the blender to make the sauce for the enchiladas, that I didn't have the right ingredients to switch to anything else at that late date, and that I still couldn't find the gasket.

I ransacked everywhere likely and unlikely in the kitchen a second time. I even went out to the compost barrel and poked around in it with a stick. (I had lost things there before.) No luck. Finally I went in and called DOB, more out of need to confide in someone than out of hope that he could help. He thought perhaps he could find it when he got home, which turned out to be in the next couple of minutes.

I went out to the garage to greet him, took in his lunch bag, looked across the kitchen, and there was the gasket. On top of the blender.

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Kendra said...

Been there and done that! I needed a Good laugh and you sure gave it to me when I read this! Isen't life a hoot! I have looked in the compost pile for missing things too!!!!